Easter at Knoxville Coliseum


I put together this design for our marketing campaign for our one-service Easter celebration at the Knoxville coliseum. We already had a great design for our invite cards, but we needed something a little bit edgier and attention grabbing for advertising to the college and downtown audience. As I was thinking through what we could say that would stand out, I decided that it would be interesting to juxtapose two of the most bold statements that have ever been uttered by human lips.

The first is from Nietzsche’s work called The Madman. In it he uses these words ( “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.”) to say that humanity can no longer justify belief in the existence of God. In his opinion, belief in God is intellectually reprehensible.

The second statement is one of many places in Scripture where Jesus asserts his divinity. He also claims to be the exclusive door to eternal life.

It’s amazing to see these two statements side by side, and I hope that it will compel people to either seek the truth or live out what they believe.

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