A Special Birthday Video for My Wife

My wife was having dinner with a friend, and while the kids and I ate supper without her, I had an idea for a birthday video for my wife. The only problem: her birthday was the next day.

I explained the premise to my children, and once we cleaned the table, my two oldest kids began illustrating the characters, and I sat down to formulate a script. 15 minutes later, the script was finished. Ten minutes after that, the illustrations were complete. Next, we recorded the vocals on my iPhone (mostly in the utility room – lots of sound dampening clothes hanging up to block the noise of the twins). Everything was going exceptionally well – my six year old’s monster drawing was a perfect fit, my nine year old daughter nailed the script after just one read through, and the twins were contentedly coloring.

After just a few minutes, we had all the major pieces we need to pull the video together.

We took a break to play before putting the twins in bed, and afterwards I started “cutting out” each of the illustrations in Photoshop. Another break to tuck in the big kids, then I took a minute to do vocal sound effects. I wasn’t sure how the sound effects would work, but I think they add a lot of fun to the piece. I have exactly zero experience with layering sounds, but the audio came together nicely.

After that, hours of animating video in After Effects. By 5:45 am, I was ready to render the video and pick up some milk for breakfast.

I love how the project turned out – almost exactly like what I had in my mind.

But the best part was Keri and the kids’ laughter when they saw the the video later that morning.

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Google Chrome

If you haven’t used Google Chrome, Google’s internet browser, you really need to check it out.  It’s very simple and fast, and it’s the primary browser I use at home and the secondary browser I use at work.

The behind the scenes video below is pretty interesting.  It shows the team making some videos to demonstrate the speed of the browser, and it includes a potato gun.  Very nice!

Updated: Here’s the finished video:

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Job Transition

Earlier this week, my youngest brother Phillip accepted a position administrating the finances of Experience Life Church in Lubbock, TX.  I’m very excited for him.  Not only is it exciting to see him enter the ministry on a vocational level, but I’m also fired up about his church.  They’ve had phenomenal growth (Outreach Magazine’s fastest growing church of 2009) and they’re seeing a lot of lives changed.

I’m super proud of my brother, and I’m praying God will use him in a big way to enhance the ministry at Experience Life Church.  This is a new position for both my brother and the church, so I’m sure he’d appreciate you prayers as well.

Whether you’ve met my brother or not, you’ve got to check out this video of him from a few years back. (I’m sure he’ll appreciate that I’ve posted this online.)

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A Stinkin’ Great Video

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been packing boxes, buying a house, moving, and now unpacking boxes.  We have a great new neighborhood, and we’re thrilled to be in our new house.

My lack of consistent sleep also seems to have caught up with me, and there were several days last week when I fell asleep at about 9 pm.  We’re also in the middle of getting ready for Sacred Storm, our big pre-Easter production at Faith Promise.

Because of all of this, I haven’t had much time to blog, but I did come across an crazy-amazing video that I just have to share here.  Seriously.  It’s great.

HT: Human3rror

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Are We Living in a Sci-Fi Movie?

Every once in a while, when I’m relaxing in my chair – reading the Bible or some other book on my iPhone, or looking at a map to find the location of something on my phone – I feel like pinching myself to see if I’m dreaming.  Technology continues to make so many advances that it really blows my mind.

And then today, I came across this video.  It runs on PCs with a multi-touch screen.  Not sure how useful it would really be, but it sure looks great!

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