Drawing Party

Every once in a while, my two oldest kids and I will sit down and have a “drawing party” together. Sometimes it’s coloring, and other times it’s freehand. Today was a freehand day, and since the sketch turned out nice enough, I decided to go ahead and ink it in. Maybe I’ll add some color digitally, like I did with the Wild Thing last year.

By the way, if you haven’t heard yet, my wife and kids are dressing up in Star Wars costumes for Halloween. I’m building my own Boba Fett costume, and I’ve become completely obsessed with the project. Maybe I’ll share a few pics sometime soon. :)

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The Past Few Weeks

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Learning Cartoon Illustration

One of my goals for this year was to start learning cartoon illustration, and this weekend I decided to take the first step towards that endeavor.

I really didn’t know where to start, so I started with a Internet search.  After reading up on some suggestions and looking at examples, I decided to give it a try.

After a few really bad attempts, I drew the following without using a pencil sketch.  (I was sitting with my kids, and we only had Crayola markers.)

Then, I did something I never thought I’d ever do.  I drove to Best Buy and purchased a Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Pad.

Oh, yeah.  I think I’m going to like this new toy.

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Kid Party (Day One)

Keri left me with the kids for a few days while she travels with her mom and sister to a cousin’s wedding.  The house isn’t quite as clean as I would have thought it would be, but we’re having a great time!

First thing this morning, my daughter asked me to draw with her and paint with her.  I love the graphic arts, but I have to say that it’s been a while since I spent much time drawing freehand.  The good news: it’s kind of like riding a bike – not something you forget how to do.

This was the first one. I drew my son’s lion, and since it looked a little sad, I decided to make it into note to send via MMS to Keri.
We were sitting in my daughter’s closet while we were drawing, and one of her dolls was nearby, so I tried doing a pencil drawing.
After that, my daughter wanted to paint with watercolors, so while my son and daughter painted, I sketched out this drawing on watercolor paper. I’ll probably ruin it tomorrow when I try to paint it.

The rest of the day was filled with Chick-fil-a, Playmobile, folding laundry together, and ice cream.  I love being a dad!

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