How to Disable Your Car’s Panic Button

While I was dying my hair a couple of nights ago, I leaned against the bathroom sink and accidentally set off my car alarm from the keys in my pocket.  Since that was at least the second time that I’ve made a fool of myself in such a way, I decided to take action to make sure that would never happen again.  For those who will find this useful, here are instructions on how to quickly, easily, and non-destructively disable your car fob panic button.  (I drive a 2001 Jeep Cherokee, but this should be basically the same for any kind of car.)

The first thing you'll need to do is open up the fob. A penny worked great for me.
Next, I carefully pulled on the rubber encasing the chip board.
Here's the key chain with the rubber button piece removed.
Next, I flipped the rubber button part back over and used a plastic fork to gently remove the circuit board from the rubber piece.
After that, I placed a small piece of tape over the back of the panic button. This will keep the button from making a connection to the circuit board when pressed.
Last, I reassembled the fob and tested it out. It worked great, and it only took a couple of minutes.
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