Logo Design

Of all the things I get to do as a website and graphic designer, one of my favorite tasks is working on logo design and branding.  I love working with companies to figure out how to represent their business in a small scalable image.

I recently completed a logo design for a translations business called TIN.  The graphic below shows the three major stages of the logo.  It started as a round speech bubble with the text on the inside.  After chewing on that for a while and thinking through how it would work on a website, on letterhead, and on business cards,  I decided to make it more sleek, remove the text from the inside (partly because of legibility in small applications – as you see here), and point the inside speech bubble in the opposite direction (like a back and forth conversation).  In the third round of design, I closed off the crescent shape and reversed the direction each of the bubbles was pointing (to help with eye flow when used in the top left of a website).

I think it turned out very nice.


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Touch of Vintage

Here’s a new logo that I mocked up for a redesign of a jewelry site called “A Touch of Vintage.”  We will probably change the background color on the site, but I’m really happy about the way this is looking, and if everything goes according to plan, we should be launching her new site in the next couple of weeks.

If you haven’t taken a look at Tamra’s vintage jewelry, you really need to.  She’s got an amazing gift for bold and funky jewelry.

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