Toward an Internet Campus


According to ComScore, there are now over 1 billion people who have internet access –  that is between 15 & 22 percent of the people alive on earth.  It’s an amazing number of people, and the implications are huge, especially for the church.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been working through the details of launching an Internet Campus at Faith Promise Church.  Our hope is to stream the entire service on Sunday mornings at 10 am (ET) by March 2009.  More than just sermons, this would include all the drama, video, and music of the weekend service.

This will allow two things to take place:

  • People who aren’t ready to set foot on our physical campus will have the opportunity to experience Faith Promise over the internet.
  • People who are physically or geographically unable to attend our church will have the ability to worship with us.

My prayer is that our Internet Campus will be a tool that is used by God to change lives all over the world as they hear God’s message of redemption and are inspired by authentic biblical leadership.  Please join with me in praying, and I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

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