Dollhouse Project


For my daughter’s 9th birthday, we bought her a Real Good Toys dollhouse kit. Since she enjoys projects like I do, we assembled it together, and we had a blast.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pics during the first 6-8 hours of the project – dying shingles, painting each part, gluing the walls together, and and installing some wall paper. Suffice it to say that it was a beast of a project. It took over a week to complete, but she and I were both very pleased with how things turned out.

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Cork Board Wall Project

Since my kids are really into drawing, and because we still had a wall undecorated in our bonus room, I decided it would be fun to put up a big cork board wall.

We purchased the cork board at a hobby store, and cut it to fit the space.  The biggest challenge was figuring out the best way to affix the pieces to the wall.  Rather than using an adhesive, I opted for using a pneumatic brad gun.  Around six brads in each section seemed to hold it well, and if we ever need to take it down, we’ll be able to do that without having major damage to the wall.

Installation was quick, and it gives the kids a large area where they can display their work.

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Christmas Project 2009

For several years, we’ve drawn names to give Christmas gifts with both my family and Keri’s family. This past Christmas, someone from Keri’s family came up with the terrible fantastic idea of creating a surprise handmade gift for “our person”.

I drew Keri’s sister, and after a few weeks of making no progress, Keri suggested that I make her a bird house.  After a little research, I decided to go the route of decorating a birdhouse that I bought at a hobby store nearby.  Here are a few pics of my project in action:

The bad news of the story: I think they want to do hand made gifts again next Christmas.

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