My Buddy Just Launched His New Real Estate Website

If you’ve read my blog for very long, you may remember me mentioning my friend Brad Roberts.  Brad has volunteered a ton of time at Faith Promise Church, and together we’ve built our church website and the Internet Campus.  Brad is an amazing website developer and a fantastic friend.

You might not know it, but he’s a part owner of a company called AgentBlaze, and he builds websites for real estate agents.

I did a little bit of contract work for Brad for several months last year – helping as a consultant and project manager as Brad built out the new version of his product, and it’s amazing.  Really.  I’ve seen some terrible real estate websites (both the design and usability), and AgentBlaze is making huge headway to revolutionize the real estate industry – starting in Knoxville and Nashville.

They just released their new product, and if you’re a real estate professional in the Knoxville or Nashville area, do your customers a favor, and check it out.  The best part: you can try it out free for 30 days to see what you think.

Check it out here

Disclaimer: I’m not currently doing contract work for AgentBlaze, and I’m not being paid for this post (in fact, Brad doesn’t even know I’m writing this).  I just believe this product will be a breath of fresh air for many in real estate industry who are looking for something new.

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