Learning How To Rest

As I’ve been working on my personal growth plan over the past few weeks, I realized tonight that I’ve done a lousy job on one my biggest goals for last year.   Tonight, I’m committing to make rest my number one goal for 2009.

“WASTE not life,” wrote Benjamin Franklin, patron saint of American entrepreneurs. “In the grave will be sleeping enough.”  Centuries later, the attitude toward sleep in America — and in American business, in particular — has scarcely changed. Corporate culture reveres the e-mail message sent at 3 a.m., the executive who rushes directly into a meeting from a red-eye flight. Bumper stickers offer an updated version of Franklin’s dictum: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

“There is a cultural bias against sleep that sees it as akin to shutting down, or even to death….” [New York Times]

I want to learn how to get beyond my own desire to accomplish and achieve.  I want to move past my ability to get things done and make money in the evenings doing freelance work.  I’m praying that God would make me counter cultural and teach me how to rest.

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