Finally Starting an Online Small Group

Tonight, I ventured into a new realm of online ministry as Keri and I kicked off an online small group.  We already attend a local group each week, but I wanted to begin providing more connections to those who worship online on our Internet Campus.

Here are a few benefits to meeting online:

  • We can meet later in the evening – after the kids have gone to bed.
  • You only have to clean the part of your house that will be in the webcam window.
  • People outside of Knoxville and Tennesee can meet with us.

Things that were confirmed in just one meeting:

  • Meaningful connections can happen online.
  • Having the video feed of the other people in the group makes it much easier to connect.
  • Tokbox is a fantastic free way to get multiple people in the same room together.
  • It’s challenging to get all the webcam microphones working without feedback.  A simpler solution is to use a free conference call line.

Thinking about starting an online group?  Here’s some extra info.

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