Renovating Our New Church Campus


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been in the process of renovating our new location for our North Knox Campus. Though I’ve worked to design the space for our last few campus launches, this has been the largest and most in-depth project I’ve taken on.

First, a few photos that were taken before renovation began. As you can see, it really is a great campus – the lobby and worship center were in great shape already, and the kids space was very well laid out. Unfortunately, we had a limited budget, so replacing the carpet and painting all the walls in the worship center was out of the question. Most of my focus would be on the downstairs area.

I digitally mocked up the spaces to pick out hallway flooring, room colors, and hallway colors. Also, I had to redesign our giant mural files to fit the spaces. Once they were ready, I sent off mural and sign files to be fabricated and worked with our awesome general contractor to get flooring replaced and walls painted.

I’m very happy about how everything turned out – just in time for our soft opening this weekend.




















Of course, all of this happened with tons of input from people on our staff. Without feedback from Heather Burson, Mike Baker, Kandice Baker, and Josh Whitehead, I would have been toast.

Thanks to Noah Case and Chris Shumate for helping me hang signs.

Also, Heather was picking up all my slack on other projects and making sure that our billboard, mailer, tshirt, and invite card advertising were all ready to go.

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Kid’s Space Design

One of the coolest things about my job is that I get to work on a wide variety of projects. Since we recently launched a new facility at our Pellissippi Campus of Faith Promise Church, we’ve had the opportunity to branch out into designing components for several spaces in the building.

As Heather Burson (our Graphic Designer) and I talked it over, we decided that it would be nice to try to make our outdoor modular building feel a little bit more kid friendly. The inside was great, but the outside of the building needed something to make it look more exciting.

I mocked up some designs and put them into production, and today my dad and I installed the elements (he’s in the pictures, but I promise I was doing the work too – LOL).

I would make several changes if I could do it over again, but I’m still very happy with the overall improvement to the space.

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Portable Campus

Over the past three years we’ve refined the look of our signage and branding at Faith Promise Church, but with the launch of our first portable campus with a children’s ministry, we’ve had to find a way to carry the same feel into a portable location. We ended up using clear ceiling grid clips, 1/8″ steel rope, and vinyl applied to polyurethane signs. We started with clear polyurethane, but because of finger prints and heavy shadows, we had the back coated with frosted vinyl.

In addition to that, we used black pvc for our large hanging restroom sign and the keyboard covers for our touch screen check in computers and several sign and poster holders that we ordered online.

We’ve ended up with a solution that sets up quickly (we leave the clips on the ceiling grid during the week) and has a small storage footprint while still providing a strong impact.

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