3D Printable Feet for the Sachtler 0371A Tripod

At the MEDIAlliance offices, we’ve set up a video studio. And over the past few weeks, I’ve been putting together an upgrade to that space. We made multiple upgrades, and one of the smaller projects was to add wheels to our camera tripods.

I’m a big fan of our Sachtler 0371A Tripod System with FSB 4 Fluid Head that we use, but in order to attach the wheels, we had to remove the spreader. Unfortunately, the feet of the tripod are a strange shape (like a two-pronged fork), and they don’t attach firmly to the wheels.

So I designed 3D printed feet for the tripods. The tripod leg rests on the foot, and then another part swings up to snap onto the tripod leg. Last, a small c snaps into the gap, to completely lock the foot into place.

This was a challenging design, and I enjoyed putting my design skills and 3D printer to work.

In case you’re in the same spot, here are the 3D printable files.