The Little Demon Inside (called a gallbladder)


Two Thursdays ago I was brutally attacked by my gallbladder after eating a couple of pieces of pizza.  I didn’t realize that I had gall stones, but the combo did a number on me.

I’ve honestly never had to deal with such pain before, and by 11 pm, I was begging Josh Whitehead to run me to the ER.  He was kind enough to take me – and it wasn’t until 20 minutes after I got the morphine (around 3 am, I think) that I finally felt OK again.

This Tuesday, I had laparoscopic surgery, and my gallbladder is no longer with me.

Today, I’m feeling great, other than four sets of stitches, a yellow-bruised belly, and some soreness.

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5 thoughts on “The Little Demon Inside (called a gallbladder)

  1. Thanks, guys! Not the most fun experience, but I’m glad they’ll be removing the stitches tomorrow.

  2. Glad your feeling better again. I had emergency appendectomy surgery as a youth – it was pretty painful- I can’t imagine how much worse it was as an adult.

  3. Did you ask them if you could keep the little sack of bile?

    (It’s like going to the mechanic: You want to see the part they yank out. Keeps them honest.)

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