Talking About Sex at Church

Of all the church services I’ve ever attended in my lifetime, last night was one of the most memorable. We’re in the middle of a series where people can submit questions online and via text, and this weekend is completely dedicated to talking about sex – what’s OK, what’s not OK, and how to find freedom from sexual addictions.

The questions and answers were very candid (PG-13, in fact), and I found it to be very refreshing to hear such clear teaching from the Bible regarding sexuality.

If you have a few minutes, I’d highly recommend watching the sermon video below.

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3 thoughts on “Talking About Sex at Church

  1. Hi Kyle,
    Thanks for posting this and thanks to your pastor for talking about it. I liked how he said, “I’m going to answer 75% of all the questions with this statement. ‘Sex is for a man and a woman that are married and that’s it.'” That really hit home with me and in my young life makes more sense than ever.
    Cheers to Babies.

  2. Ben – Yep, it was a pretty great sermon. I really appreciated how Pastor Chris took the subject head on and didn’t shy away from the difficult questions that people asked.

    I also forgot to mention that Keri was out of town for the weekend, and I was sitting with your mom. What a great mother-in-law I have. :)

    I also forgot to mention that half way through the service, they decided to lighten the mood by having the band come out and play Surfing USA while dozens of beach balls were launched into the congregation. Seriously.

  3. Hummmm…….. man, awkward? That’s funny. Good ol’ beach balls. That can lighten it up. The creativity of your church must be one of the reasons you like it so much. Thanks again.

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