Halloween Letdown


Looking through the kid’s candy today, I was reminded of something.  There’s nothing like the letdown of discovering that you’ve eaten all of the good Halloween candy, only to be left with Tootsie Rolls (in all the assorted sizes).  I like the pops, and some of the new flavors are OK, but I just can’t understand why the chocolate-flavored Tootsie Rolls continue to exist as candy filler.

Does anybody else here like Tootsie Rolls?  Am I wrong here?

Instead, how about little packets of uncooked rice or beans?  Or even Ramen noodles?  That would still be lame, but it would be cheap, and you could at least make a meal when you were done eating all the good stuff.

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7 thoughts on “Halloween Letdown

  1. Love tootsie rolls…. Zach doesn’t so he gives them to me. I think it’s like the green skittles. Some hate them… for others it’s their favorite.

  2. Me too I love tootsie rolls, but too much of a good thing is a bit, well, Too Much, and I start looking for the skittles or starbursts.

  3. Kyle, spot on! I think that you are begging to be TPed or egged if you give Tootsie Rolls away. Yesterday at Church, after we ran out of the candy we brought to give away we were given Tootsie Rolls and I felt terrible. I really appreciate this post. But now let’s talk about the really, really awful ones: Dots, often packed with Tootsie rolls. Those aren’t even food, just little pieces of plastic, if they were black they would be called “rubber feet” and placed under small appliances. And what about that horrible Tootsie Roll spawn, the Tootsie Roll lollipop? Who wants to suck on cherry candy just to hit a mass of that junk? Ok … I feel better now. Kyle, bro, thanks for the outlet. I had that in my chest

  4. Wow, I guess there are a lot of fans of the Tootsie Roll. But now, I feel kind of sorry for them all. :)

    Greater Gorilla, once again, you almost made me wet my pants. Rubber feet… that’s incredible. I’m going to go eat a couple of Dots now in celebration of your comment.

    Well, not really eat them… but just chew each one a couple of times… and then swallow them whole.

  5. T-Rolls are okay, but it seems like they’ve replaced the black and orange wrapped peanut butter chews. Those used to be the only thing left over in the halloween candy stash.

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