In Case You Haven’t Noticed…

I’m a rather huge fan of the Faith Promise Internet Campus. We’ve added a third service at 9 pm, and this online ministry continues to gain momentum.

The ministry happening online continues to blow me away. Just this weekend:

  • People were connected from four countries outside the United States (Canada, the Philippines, Nicaragua, and El Salvador).
  • One family connected from their hospital room the day after their new baby was born. (Yay, Crass family!)
  • One family connected while traveling on vacation to Disney. (I think to make the rest of us jealous.)
  • Our worship staff connected while traveling home after the roads were closed on their way back from a mission trip in NYC.
  • I spoke on the phone with someone who gave his life to Christ three weeks ago while watching the iCampus and now wants to follow up by being baptized.

And that’s just the stories I heard about this weekend. Many others attend anonymously until they are ready to take the next spiritual step.

My favorite part of the iCampus is that although the staff has provided this tool, it’s people leveraging their social networks via email, Facebook, and Twitter that has spread the word. If you haven’t already, you’re help letting people know about this would be appreciated and could even make an eternal difference in someone’s life. Just make sure that you include http:// so that the link will be clickable, and posting right before or during an online service is the most helpful.

To those of you who already play a part in spreading the word and who serve online as volunteers… thanks so much! You guys rock!

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