Rolling Out a New Internet Campus Design

We’re planning to relaunch our Internet Campus this weekend.  We worked with a fantastic design company to improve our interface and arrange things so that people will have an easier time finding their way around the features.  Like normal, my good friend, Brad Roberts built out the site, and we’ve both been amazed to see the project come together.

Some of the new features include:

  • Greater emphasis on the chat room, built from scratch so that it will include all the features we’ve wanted for a while.  Most importantly, it no longer requires the Java plugin to work.
  • A map that shows all the connections.
  • Easier access to the sharing/invite buttons.
  • And some really cool transitions – opening and closing the chat window as well as “turning down the lights”.

Our biggest hope is that these changes will help more people discover the truth of Jesus and connect to the growing community of Faith Promise Church.

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2 thoughts on “Rolling Out a New Internet Campus Design

  1. Just in time for our vacation. Can’t wait to check out the map addition. Really excited to see my dot. Look for us in south Ga. just north of Tallahassee Fla.

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