Newspapers Freak Me Out


Well, I feel pretty strange admitting this, but newspapers and magazines pretty much freak me out.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I have a stack of articles on the corner of my desk that keeps piling up – stuff I probably should read but never seem to get around to.  Of all the piles on my desk, it’s probably my least favorite of all. I used to have a subscription to a magazine, but then I realized I always felt guilty because I never read more than a couple of articles.  Mainly, I just looked at the pictures, so I cancelled my subscription. (Yes, I do feel sheepish writing this.) 

It’s made me start to wonder if something is wrong with me.  How is it that some people consider it enjoyable to read a newspaper each day?  Are they just more disciplined than me?  Do they have a greater appreciation of culture, news, and life?  Is something wrong with my brain?  Because for me, reading a newspaper once a month would be a chore.  In fact, I’d rather mow the lawn, dust the house, and change some diapers. As I mentioned in my previous post, although I often do start books, I don’t often finish them, and so I’m beginning to think that maybe I’m an auditory learner.  Give me a book or sermon on CD, and I’ll finish it for sure – maybe even listen to it two or three times before I move on to another. 

Well, if you’re anything like me, and you find reading difficult at times, I want to let you know about a tremendous resource that I’ve come across in the past couple of weeks.  It’s called, and they offer books and resources in mp3 format.  It’s a little bit pricey, but they have an extensive collection of free resources available.   So am I all alone here with my weird avoidance of printed material, or can others relate?  

3 thoughts on “Newspapers Freak Me Out

  1. You are not by yourself. Pick up a book sometime and the dust will fly in alot of homes. We read what we need and then what.
    The computer has changed our world for good or bad. I do like the newspaper. One day there will not be one printed. That will be a sad day.
    Go mow the yard. There are many things that we all need to learn. We can learn alot from just LISTENING.
    P.S. I am going to dust my books.

  2. Its not that newspapers or any printed material freaks me out but I think I’m sort of ADD and if something I’m reading doesn’t grab my interest in a flash, I’m gone- asleep or book closed. It’s good to have the discpline of reading and yet as you, Kyle mentioned you learn best auditorily. I’m a kenesthetic learner- I learn best through doing and moving. Try the discipline of prayer as a kenesthetic learner. Although,God has taught me how to be still and know that He is God through my learning style. We or they-“The Culture” tries to lump everyone into doing things the same way and we all can not fit into one mold. Yes there is basic knowledge we all need to learn but we can get it in many different ways. My son is an auditory learner; so much so that he is like someone with a photographic memory. He remembers everything he hears once yet he appears much of the time to not be paying attention- yet he learns and gains. So embrace your style and don’t let yourself get racked with guilt over not being able to embrace reading the newspaper-there are other ways to stay in tune. I never read the newspaper but my husband came from a family who read it everyday and he reads it everyday. I have started glancing through it and I don’t why but I’m drawn to the obituary section everytime- we’ll have to explore that with another topic I guess. Anyway read on, listen on, move on, latch on to whatever way will help you grow and connect and relate to the people and the culture around you.


  3. I only get the paper on the weekends—mainly for the Sunday sale ads! (Now who’s embarrassed?) I have attempted in the past few years to have a greater understanding of our legislative and political systems. Reading the liberal newspapers such as they are can throw a wrench into knowing what the actual story really is. But they do offer more “information” than the six-o’clock news. The TV news is like only eating the bun of a hamburger—you never get to the meat! So, I do try to read the paper to stay current on what’s happening in our city and country. Unfortunately, I have to put on my “truth” glasses when I do!

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