Now We Live in Tennessee!

At long last, some photos of our new hood.  I’ve also chunked in a few shots of the building at Faith Promise that I took on the way to drop my parents off at the airport today.

By the way, this move would not have been possible except for the help of my parents.  They’re amazing, and even as I type, they’re back in Fort Worth painting my utility room so it will look nice when people come to look at our house.

I also owe a special shout out to all of our friends and family in Fort Worth who did special things to make the last few weeks enjoyable and memorable.  You guys are amazing, and we already miss you very much!

Here in Knoxville, thank you Josh, Marti, and Kim for your caring attention to the details and Aaron and Jeremy for helping unload boxes.

7 thoughts on “Now We Live in Tennessee!

  1. Dear Kyle and Keri,

    Everything looks very nice (I’d be obsessed with the trees too). It looks like a movie scene. You are already missed my friend. I’m certain, though, that the Lord has his reasons for leading you to Tennessee. Question, what’s your e-mail address now? We want to ALWAYS stay in touch.

    In Christ,

    Jim and Karen

  2. Jim & Karen, thanks for the comment! We miss you guys too, and we hope to stay in touch. I sent my email address to you directly.

    In my list of thanks, I’m sure I left several people out, but I wanted to also mention Lan for the great lunch and conversation in Nashville along the way. We love you, Lan, and we’re glad to finally live a little closer to one another.

  3. New place looks great. Sorry I didn’t get to see you before you left. Ya’ll are great people and will miss having you as neighbors. Good luck to you my friend.

  4. Hey — I was just about to comment how excited I am to see you all soon and I saw my very own private shout-out. :-) Thanks, it was so great to see you and be able to welcome you to TN! I think you’ll be really happy here and be blessed by so many new things. Love you all!

  5. Lan, thanks again! Dad and I really enjoyed having lunch with you.

    John, you found the blog! Terrific! Thanks for the comment! Did you see the previous post about the neighborhood? We’ll miss you guys too, so please stay in touch. You can look me up on Facebook too, if you’re on there.

  6. Kyle – I’m glad you guys made it safe. The pictures of the moving truck reminds me of my move from Southwestern to Georgia. We had a wonderful couple keep us company on the journey. We’ll never forget that. Looks like you had plenty of help getting to Knoxville. It’s beautiful. This East Texas boy misses the tall trees. I have this blog bookmarked and will try to visit often. Tell your fam hello and I know God will bless your ministry there.

  7. Leonard, thanks for the comment! Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, and it brought back lots of memories. Even hooking up the car on the trailer.

    I hope you guys are doing well, and thanks for visiting my blog.

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