Great Gorilla

My oldest brother-in-law almost always has some crazy idea up his sleeve, and on occasion, he’ll do some pretty radical stuff.  For a while, he spent his free time pushing his Nissan truck along the road.  Last I heard, he had a combined distance of quite a few miles (Gorilla, help me out with the specifics here).

His most recent adventure has been to purchase a sailboat, and that’s where he lives now.  In the boat.  The only problem is that he’s also been going to school in Amarillo, TX, which is not exactly known for its lakes.

So the “Great Gorilla”, Nate, lives in a dry docked boat, parked next to his pickup truck.  You really have to see it to believe it.  (The missing front grill on his truck is due to a wreck in an ice storm a few years ago).

I’ve asked about what he does when he needs to take a shower or go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but I’m still without answers.  I’m also wondering if the colder weather has forced him to find other forms of shelter.

Don’t freeze, bro!

5 thoughts on “Great Gorilla

  1. HA! I love it. As far as the shower goes… I think he just uses the boat itself as a large rain trap, for harvesting rain water. Whenever he needs a shower, he just turns the old bilge pump on and… YATZEEE!!! A little chilly but nothing to freeze over. Love ya Nate.

  2. Kyle,

    Cool post. I use the Student Activity Center for showers, bathroom, etc…
    It is very cold here at night but I have a good sleeping bag that I use as a blanket and I stay nice and warm. I sold the boat on the 13th and went up to Boulder and bought a soft topper (camper shell) for my truck. I still want a boat to live on and am looking for a bigger one. Thanks for the comments and interest.

  3. Gorilla, do you ever do like Bear Gryllz of Man vs. Wild and pee into a bottle and then use that to keep yourself warm at night? Never mind, I don’t think the readers here will want to know.

    I love you, bro! I wish I was half as tough as you.

  4. Kyle,

    I stay pretty warm but I remember when we were kids – we were so poor when winter came we only had a hot water bottle to keep us warm – this “hot water bottle” was just a plastic bag we found blowing down the street. We would all pee in it and well it got cold again pretty quick. We were so poor that we didn’t have shoes and I remember Dad borrowed a roll of duck tape and wrapped our feet many times until we had permanent shoes. The kids at school made fun of us. Ah, we have it good now. By the way there are different levels of being tough. It’s tough to have a family depend on you – I think your tough for supporting a family and keeping a job. Go Kyle!

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