Pondering Facebook

I love Facebook.  It’s a great social networking application, and it’s allowed me to stay in contact with a lot of people that I love in Texas.  It’s also helped me to learn more about some of my new friends in Tennessee.

My brother, Phil, is the one who convinced me to join, and I still remember the awkwardness of not having any “friends” on Facebook for a few days (even Phil wasn’t accepting my friend request), and it took me a few months to convince Keri that it was worth her time.  (She loves it now, by the way.)

The main reason I’m writing is to convince the rest of the Admin team at Faith Promise that they need to be using Facebook rather than (or at least, in addition to) Twitter.

So, could those of you already using Facebook give me a little help here?  What is it that’s so cool about Facebook?

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4 thoughts on “Pondering Facebook

  1. I would love too!! I have totally loved FB since the first day I joined! I love that there are so, so many people that are here. I have connected with people that I haven’t seen in over 15 years, as well as those that I see every week.

    FB is every friend (almost) I have ever known in one convienent place. I can read what they have been up to, post on their wall to say HI, or send a quick message, with out having to look up thier e-mail address.

    As a future overseas missionary, I was starting to mourn and grieve all the coffee I didn’t have time for and all the relationships I let slip away. FB has put me into back contact with so many people…. it is amazing. Now I am albe to use my “future” as a way to share my faith with people.

    I wish that all my old friends would jump on the FB wagon, then I could keep in touch with everyone! Even over seas, everyone is just a click away!

  2. You know the old saying, “Once a tweeter, always a tweeter.”

    Facebook is great for our small group. It helps us stay connected throughout the week. You can see what others are up to, post photos and videos, send private messages to individuals or the entire group, maintain a calendar of events, and create discussions. Some of that requires setting up a Facebook group, but it’s pretty simple. Hope that helps.

  3. Becky & Brad, thanks for taking the time to write those thoughtful comments. Hopefully this will help my office friends (and Nate) consider Facebook.

    Another thing that is pretty helpful is the ability to set various levels of privacy. You can set things up so that only your friends can see your information, and you can limit your information with people you don’t know very well but still want to accept as a friend.

  4. You better get on Facebook Nate! Now! Stop reading this, and go sign up! (That never worked growing up. Usually, I was roundhouse kicked in the teeth, but maybe it will work over the matrix of the internet.) I like facebook cause you don’t have to spend years designing your own page like Myspace. You just clickety click and bam. Your in. I also like that I can give a thumbs down to all the advertisments.

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