Disc Golf Joy


One of my favorite things on earth is a wonderful sport called disc golf.  It’s kind of like normal golf – you play on a course, usually with 18 tees, and you have similar rules.  The difference is that you throw frisbees (putters, medium range, and distance discs) into a disc basket, and it’s free (other than the discs).

I love being outside, walking the course, hanging out with friends, getting competitive, and occasionally throwing a good shot. I even threw a hole-in-one once.  It was great!  Keri was even there to see it happen.

I haven’t played once since moving to Tennessee, but I know there’s a course about 10 minutes from my house.  It keeps calling my name.  Drawing me to itself.

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6 thoughts on “Disc Golf Joy

  1. East TN is a great place for Disc Golf. http://tinyurl.com/cwz5kl Vic Ashe is by far the best course around here. Get ready for a sore arm the next day though…it is loooooong.

    Hit me up when the weather gets warmer and we’ll play. The Valkyrie and the Tee Bird haven’t yet graced the chains this year. I’m starting to get an itch.

  2. Chris, thanks so much for visiting my blog and your comment! You’re the first disc golfer I’ve connected with in Tennessee so far.

    You don’t play in cold weather?! C’mon!

    I play side-arm with a Wraith.

    Dude, I was just looking over your blog and checking out the church site! About to plant a new church, huh? That’s awesome! I’d love to meet you and hear how things are going. Let me know if you’ve got an opening next week, and I’ll take you to lunch.

  3. I’m also a side arm guy. I lost my wraith and miss it dearly. It was a star disc too.

    I’d love to meet up for lunch next week! Any day is fine with me.

    Shoot me an email at chris@ridgechurchonline.com and we’ll set it up.

    I guess I can handle the cold. I’ve become weak in my old age of 25. ha!

    I’ll introduce you to Vic Ashe Park. It’s a monster course. Looking forward to it!

  4. Man Kyle,
    I love disc golf too because you got me into it. I hope you will agree to play with me sometime in the future even though I am a psycho, who should be in an institution. Don’t tell anybody.

  5. Chris – Yeah, the Star Wraiths rock. Had to replace my first one.

    Looking forward to lunch.

    Ben – I love you. man! Can’t wait till we get a chance to play again!

  6. I came across the picture while searching the internet. So cute. I hope that she is still playing.

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