Name Brand or Not?


I’m curious to get some feedback on something.  When you’re making a purchasing decision (electronics, appliances, tools, etc.),  do you go with the name brand or not?  Do you think that there is extra quality/value in the brand, or do you go with the less expensive option when things appear to be equal?

(The photo above might be a little clue on the way I tend to lean on this.)

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11 thoughts on “Name Brand or Not?

  1. NAME BRAND without a doubt! I really do think things taste funny that are not the name brand. Kim and I go back and forth on this one. Funny!

  2. Depends on what I’m buying – computers/electronics I tend to go for a recognized brand name – especially on motherboards and TV’s. Too many el cheapo knockoffs that have more issues than I care to deal with.

    Most store brand foods are packaged/manufactured by the big names – they just don’t have to pay the big advertising prices. If it’s good I’m all for saving money (King Vitamin Cereal rocks!)

    Josh: I’d like to do a blind taste test to see if you really can tell the difference or if it’s all in your head – like my former brother-in-law: He swore that the dinosaur shaped noodles in Hamburger Helper made it taste funny…

  3. depends on what it is. Food-definitely go cheaper. Electronics that may break and have to be fixed under warranty…I don’t want some crazy company that won’t be in business.

  4. Its just depends on what the product in which I am purchasing. If it was a computer then {mac} of course. or and mp3 player v. ipod. and yes I would rather have lucky charms v. Marshmellow Mateys. But I will do weigel Milk instead of mayfield. off brandd toilet paper/paper towels. But however, I will not use off brand shaving products because of the simple fact that they are crap…lol.
    There you go.

  5. ewwwwwwww! I would not put that cereal in my body name brand or not! It is really hit or miss. Diet Dr. K at Kroger’s for example is really good, but the regular Diet K is not that great. If you buy name brand drugs, you must have made an F in chemistry!

    A Honda cost about 3500.00 more than a domestic car, which is enough to do a ton of repairs! It is a fallacy that foreign cars are a better deal. Each brand has a solid vehicle that is reliable, you just have to know which one.

  6. Name brands are a good guide but in the end — feel, touch, smell, hear and taste. The hard part is resisting to buy name brand even if your senses tell you that it is inferior to a “generic” brand. Certainly RCA, Magnavox and Great Neck Tools are not the same worksmanship that we older people used to know. Senses, I use my senses, they are not getting a “free ride” just because they have a name :-)

  7. ok-reading the other response and realized that I will pay more for name brand TP too. Some things you just don’t compromise on.

  8. You know the cereal is looking familiar we buy our cereal the same way. Somethings the quality is not there like on generic dish soap but on things like cereal we have not seen a difference. With the economy and cutting corners we really look at the total out put and that determines our name brand or not.

  9. Mateys are great – they come in this huge 400lb bag and are like $2.00 plus they are really good for you lots of good complex carbs. I eat them all the time.

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