Six Ways to Wreck Your Spiritual Life

Maybe your spiritual life is going a little too well lately and you’re looking for a way to bring things down a notch or two.  Just follow these steps to see your spiritual life quickly erode into a mess:

  1. Do what you feel like doing.  Avoid difficult things.  Do what comes naturally.
  2. Consume vast amounts of media.  Watch and listen to whatever you want.
  3. Harbor resentment, especially towards your family.  In your free time, think about the ways they’ve let you down.
  4. Worry about your stuff.  Hoard it all.
  5. Don’t read the Bible or pray.
  6. Don’t trust God.  Live in fear and worry.  Live your life as though Jesus never lived, died, and rose again for you.

Any other steps to recommend?

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4 thoughts on “Six Ways to Wreck Your Spiritual Life

  1. I have nothing to add. I think that covers things very well. I’m thinking that the reverse must be true as well.

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