Job Transition

Earlier this week, my youngest brother Phillip accepted a position administrating the finances of Experience Life Church in Lubbock, TX.  I’m very excited for him.  Not only is it exciting to see him enter the ministry on a vocational level, but I’m also fired up about his church.  They’ve had phenomenal growth (Outreach Magazine’s fastest growing church of 2009) and they’re seeing a lot of lives changed.

I’m super proud of my brother, and I’m praying God will use him in a big way to enhance the ministry at Experience Life Church.  This is a new position for both my brother and the church, so I’m sure he’d appreciate you prayers as well.

Whether you’ve met my brother or not, you’ve got to check out this video of him from a few years back. (I’m sure he’ll appreciate that I’ve posted this online.)

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2 thoughts on “Job Transition

  1. Pretty sure next trip to Tx. your brother is gonna pay you back for that.

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