Greatest To-Do App

I’m pretty much a productivity junkie, but until recently, I’ve never come across a to-do app that was helpful, simple, and awesome enough to have on my home screen.  That has changed with Wunderlist.

It’s not often that I post about apps that blow me away, but the aesthetics and interface on this app make me want to share it with others.  It’s packed with features, but check out some of my favorites:

  • You can make updates and changes on the Mac or PC app.
  • The mobile version is available for iPhone, iPad, and now Android.
  • They’re nearly finished with the development of a webapp.
  • And my favorite feature: You can share lists with other users, making it very helpful for a team to stay on the same page with regard to priorities and project lists.

Oh, and it’s free.  Yeah.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you – it’s new, and it’s still a little buggy.  But even still, it’s an awesome app.

OK.  Enough talk.  Go get the app now, let me know you did, and get some stuff done. :)


UPDATE: The Wunderlist web app was launched just a few hours after I posted this.

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