18 thoughts on “Latest News

  1. God said, “Be fruitful and multiply,” and then Kyle said, “Gladly!”

    Congratulations. =)

  2. …I wasn’t sure if this was to announce fp north knox or an actual TWIN ARRIVAL COMING TO THE GILBERT HOUSEHOLD!!!! :)


  3. Finally got time to watch! You are amazing in your creativity and your creation! You have now surpassed me. I’m really happy for you guys!

    P.S. Soccer at 8 this morning. Church as 10:20. Soccer at 3…….

  4. Love the video. Congratulations. I hope and pray the pregnancy goes well. It will be an adventure for sure!

  5. This is a cute video. I knew you guys were expecting twins for a while, but hadn’t seen your video. Congrats. So when IS the due date?

  6. Awesome video. Hope you make sequels to follow your journey. Congrats Gilberts. God has blessed you.

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