Group Presentations on Monday

Things have really busy since the Thanksgiving holiday, largely due to a group project that I’ve been working on. Our en

Are We Living in a Sci-Fi Movie?

Every once in a while, when I’m relaxing in my chair – reading the Bible or some other book on my iPhone, or looki

Interesting Shoes

These look interesting, but I’m afraid I would go insane after wearing these for more than 5 minutes. Yeah, I start to w

iPhone on the iCampus

Today we launched our first Internet Campus with iPhone streaming, and it went great. Josh was kind enough to get me some scre

Useful Web Apps (part two)

OK, enough playing around.  Today we’re serious, and I’m looking at a the top three web apps that have been espec

Really Useful Web Apps

I thought it would be cool to mention a few web applications that I’ve found to be especially useful over the past few w

Overlooking a Great Idea

I love my job, and one of the things I get to do each day is make decisions. Decisions like: What new projects will my team ta

Towards a Deaf iCampus

Thanks to the Hurculean efforts of Matt James, and the support of our great tech ministry at Faith Promise, we’re still

Insightful Thoughts

I just read a great article about church innovation.  It was a Q & A with Bobby Gruenewald at  I

The Secret of Success is Failure (part 1)

Over the past couple of years, I’ve faced some painful failures.  I poured my heart into a ministry, and I watched

Paid to be Creative

As a freelancer, blogger, and the person responsible for Faith Promise’s websites and outreach, a good portion of my tim