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Group Presentations on Monday

Things have really busy since the Thanksgiving holiday, largely due to a group project that I’ve been working on. Our entire staff was divided up[…]

Are We Living in a Sci-Fi Movie?

Every once in a while, when I’m relaxing in my chair – reading the Bible or some other book on my iPhone, or looking at[…]

Interesting Shoes

These look interesting, but I’m afraid I would go insane after wearing these for more than 5 minutes. Yeah, I start to wig out when[…]

iPhone on the iCampus

Today we launched our first Internet Campus with iPhone streaming, and it went great. Josh was kind enough to get me some screen captures on[…]

Useful Web Apps (part two)

OK, enough playing around.  Today we’re serious, and I’m looking at a the top three web apps that have been especially helpful to me over[…]

Really Useful Web Apps

I thought it would be cool to mention a few web applications that I’ve found to be especially useful over the past few weeks, but[…]

Overlooking a Great Idea

I love my job, and one of the things I get to do each day is make decisions. Decisions like: What new projects will my[…]

Towards a Deaf iCampus

Thanks to the Hurculean efforts of Matt James, and the support of our great tech ministry at Faith Promise, we’re still on course to add[…]

Insightful Thoughts

I just read a great article about church innovation.  It was a Q & A with Bobby Gruenewald at  I found two comments in[…]

The Secret of Success is Failure (part 1)

Over the past couple of years, I’ve faced some painful failures.  I poured my heart into a ministry, and I watched it crumble before my[…]

Paid to be Creative

As a freelancer, blogger, and the person responsible for Faith Promise’s websites and outreach, a good portion of my time each week in and out[…]