Snapshots of Our Happy Summer

So many great memories made over the summer, and some of them were captured in pixels. I’ve placed a few of my favorites

Creating a Killer Task Management Workflow

To help improve communications from our two-person communication team to the much larger church staff, we’ve recently im

Latest News

I’ve put together the video below to announce the newest step in our life and ministry.  Tip: make sure to watch the en

A Useful Tool for Designers

Any time I’m working on a design project – whether it’s a website, a postcard, or creating a logo, finding t

Loyalty & Kindness

Never let loyalty and kindness leave you! Tie them around your neck as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart. My mothe

Five Facebook Tips for Your Church or Organization

We’ve seen our church’s engagement on Facebook go from 200 to nearly 3,000 individuals over the past two years.

Blog Design Update for Pastor Chris

Late last week we rolled out a brand new look to the website and blog of Dr. Chris Stephens, my Senior Pastor.  I felt that i

Greatest To-Do App

I’m pretty much a productivity junkie, but until recently, I’ve never come across a to-do app that was helpful, si

Another Reason I Love My Job

One of my favorite things about my job is getting to watch graphics come together for upcoming sermon series.  As we finalize

How We’re Using our Blog at Faith Promise

-every ministry can have a voice. -content is directed to those who want that kind of information. -by using an HTML mail temp

Cork Board Wall Project

Since my kids are really into drawing, and because we still had a wall undecorated in our bonus room, I decided it would be fu

The Past Few Weeks

My Buddy Just Launched His New Real Estate Website

If you’ve read my blog for very long, you may remember me mentioning my friend Brad Roberts.  Brad has volunteered a to

Kyle the Scorpion King

In case you wondered what I was doing in E. Asia last week: Special thanks to Heather Burson for the video and the title.

DIY Toy Treehouse Project

For a few weeks, my daughter and I have talked about making a tree house for some of her toys.  This weekend we decided to go

iPhone in Space

This video is amazing.  The technology we have at our fingertips is astounding to me.

Carving Pumpkins

Every year I forget just how much I enjoy carving pumpkins.  The kids make it even more fun. Isn’t he a handsome fellow

Riding Bikes

There are some days when parenting is difficult.  There are times when it’s exhausting, grueling work.  But there are

Under the Hood of the Faith Promise Internet Campus

From time to time I get emails and phone calls regarding our Internet Campus setup at Faith Promise Church, so I decided to pu

More Fun with Illustration

To follow up on my previous post on illustrating, here’s a video that nearly made me pee my pants with laughter. HT: Chr

Learning Cartoon Illustration

One of my goals for this year was to start learning cartoon illustration, and this weekend I decided to take the first step to

Do You Love or Hate Running?

This morning I decided to start off my day with a quick run around the pond. It was a cool and misty morning – perfect w

A Tribute to My Hair

As I’ve mentioned recently, I struggle with insecurity and trying to measure my worth by my abilities, characteristics,

Origami Party with the Kids

When I hang out with my kids, we like to try to find new things to do.  This morning, we decided to do a little origami. We s

Everyone Feels Self-Important

I doubt many would be surprised to hear that I have a special place in my heart for technology. I love the way our church webs

Being a Dad

Here’s a video of my nearly five-year-old daughter and two-year-old son practicing driving nails into a block of wood wi

Two Years Ago

Two years ago, Keri, the kids, and I flew to Knoxville, hung out with our friends, Josh and Kim Whitehead, visited Faith Promi

Major Updates to the Faith Promise Website

(This is a repost from my guest post over on the Faith Promise Blog earlier this morning.) Over the past few months, we’ve m

Kid Party (Day One)

Keri left me with the kids for a few days while she travels with her mom and sister to a cousin’s wedding.  The house i

The Sickness Inside of Me

I haven’t finished the last five books I’ve started, but now I’m on to the next. But this one is different.